• Abby Branch

Do These 2 Exercises For a Stronger Core and Better Posture!

In this day and age, we do a lot of sitting, stooping, and hunching. Our backs and pelvis are out of alignment which creates weakness, tightness, and all over bad posture for the body. But studies have shown that when we strengthen and stretch our core and lower body, we can bring the pelvis (including the sacrum) back into alignment, creating a healthier and stronger pelvic floor, for women AND men (no more Kegels!)! This in turn helps the back shift into its correct alignment, giving us better posture and stronger, healthier bodies!

So what do we do?

Pushups & Squats!

Two very basic exercises that only require your body weight and about 5 minutes of your time each day. That's it! That's all you need! When these daily exercises turn into a daily habit, you will notice:

-less incontinence -increased range of motion & flexibility

-better posture -better body mechanics

-decreased low, mid, and upper back pain

If all of this sounds like pure awesomeness, continue to read below.


What to look for:

-feet hip width apart, and parallel

-core engaged

-sit your bum back, lean over slightly, and keep the core engaged

-IMPORTANT - keep weight in the heels (if you look down during the squat, make sure you can still see your toes!) DO NOT put all of your weight in your toes, letting your knees go past your toes.

Pushups - 4 ways

Wall Pushups

What to look for:

-stand 2-3 feet away from the wall

-hands are shoulder width apart on the wall, and shoulder height

-engage the core

-bend the elbows and lower the chest to the wall

-keep hips in line with the spine - don't let them sag while you lower down and up!

Regular Pushups


What to look for:

-all fours (hips above knees, shoulders above hands)

-core engaged

-bend at the elbows and lower your chest down to towards the floor (BUT you just lower down 1 inch if you need to! Build strength slowly!)

-straighten the arms again to an upright position - DO NOT lock the elbows


What to look for:

-move hands forward from the all 4's position

-shift hips forward to create straight alignment for the hips, spine, and neck

-engage the core and chest muscles

-DO NOT let hips sag, or lift the bum up to the ceiling

-bend at the elbows and lower down and up - try not to lock the elbows!

-start with lowering down 1", then increase from there


What to look for:

-starting in plank position on hands and toes

-engage the core, keep hips in line with the spine and neck

-lower down 1" (or more if you're ready to hulk out!)

-then straighten the elbows back to the upright position, keeping elbows soft

-DO NOT let hips sage or lift bum up to the ceiling

-Ready to kick it up a notch? Lift one leg up while you're lowering down during your push up!

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