• Abby Branch

Glow Fitness Class Spotlight - Power Hour Bootcamp

Let me set the record straight - I hate the word "bootcamp". It can tend to insinuate that it is a class for the elite, in-shape, hard-core fitness lovers. However, since Glow Fitness shies away from the typical fitness culture in our society today (stick thin/six packs/big booties = self worth, beauty, sexiness, etc), our Monday and Wednesday Power Hour Bootcamp classes at 6am are for people of all sizes, shapes, ages, and fitness levels.

We provide a thorough warm-up complete with squats, walking lunges, bear walks, inchworms, hip circles, arm circles, and all sorts of other stretches and basic/simple exercises. We then move into the workout that includes cardiovascular (slow or fast burpees, walking lunges, plank jacks, kettlebell swings, etc), strength (pushups, squats, outer and inner hip/thigh lifts, etc), and core exercises (plank, bridges, abdominal hollowing, belly breathing, crunches, reverse crunches, etc). Finally, there is a cool down and stretching period where women can ask questions or talk through the workout.

We make sure that every single exercise has at least 2 other modifications, including a beginner/intermediate/and advanced option. Almost all exercises are low-impact with options to increase to a high-impact version. AND, we modify everything for our prenatal and postnatal mamas!

It's a win for everyone!

I hope this quick spotlight on our Power Hour Bootcamp classes have remedied any fear, anxieties, or incorrect assumptions that any of you lovely women have had.

If you are in need of a convenient, effective, and safe early morning workout before your day starts, come visit us here at Glow Fitness and see what we're all about!


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