• Abby Branch

How Exercise Can Help Decrease Postpartum Depression

Once a woman gives birth, she is at her most vulnerable physically, emotionally, and mentally. Sleep deprivation, isolation at home with her precious babe, physical recovery, and even little to no physical activity can all contribute to a struggle with PPD. In fact, at least 15% of women struggle with PPD after the birth of their baby, whether it's their first or fifth.

Below I have compiled some facts and statistics about Postpartum Depression, and how exercise can help women who suffer from PPD.


There are 3 types of postpartum emotional and mental woes:

1- Baby Blues- women feel weepy, overwhelmed, and irritable. It can last up to 10 days, and 80% of women struggle with this post baby. Extra sleep and some time away from baby helps lessen the symptoms.

2- Postpartum Depression - women feel sad, anxious, have changes in appetite, insomnia, and/or guilt. Can last 2 or more weeks, and at least 15% of women struggle with PPD. With counseling and/or medication (and exercise!), women can begin to see a decrease in symptoms.

3- Postpartum Psychosis - women feel manic, paranoid, severe depression, violent thoughts and/or tendencies. Only 5% women struggle with PPP, and they are able to find peace and comfort through inpatient psychiatric treatment.

Read more at Postpartum International at or call (800) 994-4PPD.


- Returning to exercise is linked to a decrease in postpartum depression.

- Women who took structured group exercise programs after delivery showed more success at losing body fat and keeping it off 1 year postpartum than those who didn't exercise.

- Women who brought their babies and exercised in a group with others in a Glow Fitness class had less guilt about leaving their baby with a caregiver, were able to stop and feed the baby any time, and were able to build a community.

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