• Abby Branch

Face Off!

Your face is an important part of your body! It is vital for communication, sight, eating, drinking, speaking, experiencing life, and so much more! However, it is one of the most overlooked parts of our bodies, especially while we're young. Then it hits you: wrinkles, lines, sagging, red spots, sun spots, etc etc etc.

Although none of this matters, it is important for the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and organs in your head and face to have the opportunity to relax, to exercise, to stretch, and to be nurtured through touch and massage., what do we do? Not all of us can afford to get facials, peels, and massages every week, let alone every day!

Here are 2 videos that provide easy, quick, and absolutely lovely exercises, stretches, and facial massages to help stimulate blood flow, drain sinuses, increase the lymphatic system, and relax the muscles in your face.

Quick facial exercises and stretches

A 12 minute facial massage from an Esthetician

Feel free to do these a few times per week, or up to once or twice per day!

Enjoy my dears!


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