• Abby Branch

Effective Prenatal Core Exercises

So......... you're pregnant. It may or may not be your first. Nonetheless, you're starting to feel that lovely belly begin to grow, and you're thinking "buh bye, abs".


Although your abdominals are beginning to stretch to accommodate baby, they're still there, and still NEED to be worked and strengthened! But what does that look like? Is it safe? How do you know what is effective and what makes things worse?

I have 2 words for you: Belly Breathing

This awesome exercise is effective, safe, and mentally centering. It helps to control and lessen the abdominal split down the middle of your belly (Diastasis Recti), it strengthens your abdominals in a safe and challenging way, it also strengthens your pelvic floor naturally (goodbye, Kegels!).

Additionally, it helps decrease:

-back pain -anxiety

-sciatica -stress

-round ligament pain -sleeplessness

-weak pelvic floor issues -depression

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