• Abby Branch

Top 3 Squat Exercises

As a Health Fitness Specialist who has worked in the fitness industry for 10 years, I've come across thousands and thousands of exercises and their variations. I've decided to share with you my top 3 squat exercises that are safe and effective for ANYONE! Whether you're pregnant, postnatal, an older adult, or a woman of adult age, these exercises are so beneficial!


I love this efficient and effective exercise for the lower body and core. It challenges muscular strength, endurance, and balance. It has several variations, including using an exercise ball or a chair. Here is the basic squat, followed by 2 other ways to perform this exercise:

Things to remember: hands can be behind the head, on the hips, or straight in front. To start, only lower down 1-2 inches, and increase the distance from there once you're stronger. Feet a hip width apart. Keep the weight in your heels by not letting your knees go past your toes, sticking your booty back. Be sure to tighten your abdominals by pulling your belly button into your spine. Perfect for a postpartum workout, especially if you hold your baby as a weight!

Wall Squat with a Ball

Things to remember: start with the top of the ball at shoulder blade height. Feet are hip width apart, with the weight in your heels, making a 90 degree angle when you squat down. Start by lowering down 1-2 inches, then increase as you get stronger. Great for a prenatal workout!

Squat with a Chair

Things to remember: begin with feet hip width apart and in front of the chair, keep weight in the heels, and prevent knees from passing your toes. Abdominals are engaged, and try not to use momentum to lift out of the chair.

Squats are helpful exercises for pelvic floor, core, and lower body health and strength. All ages and fitness levels should partake in daily squats. Try doing 1-3 sets of 5-15 repetitions. Start slow and with low repetitions, and increase from there!

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