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Stephanie Ellis

To contact Stephanie, email her at

Stephanie grew up in sunny California, where she spent her childhood surrounded by people that loved food. Her mom was a health enthusiast who taught herself and everyone around her the importance of healthy eating. When Stephanie's Dad was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 4, there was an extra level of care taken in preparing the food eaten at home. Coming from a Persian family where food is an expression of love and togetherness, Stephanie picked up a strong love for being in the kitchen, and decided to go to culinary school. She finished in 2009, moved to Seattle, and cooked and baked for years. Her Dad passing in 2011 from health complications deepened Stephanie's  interest in health and nutrition, which then furthured her education about how what we eat impacts our health.


Stephanie is now pursuing a degree in nutrition, and will be spending time at Glow Fitness exploring all the ways her knowledge can be shared! She is working at refining her combination of restaurant cooking and existing nutrition knowledge to create ways for busy (normal) people to eat nutritious and yummy foods.


Stephanie writes a food blog where she shares nutritional information on popular ingredients, explores ideas for making "naughty" foods healthier, exposes the chemicals hiding in our foods, expands on methods of cooking that our ancestors used, and more! In her time at Glow, she hopes to host cooking classes and be a resource for women who are interested in their own food and health. Stephanie is also working to create specific diet plans for pregnant and lactating women, and for women whose bodies struggle with conception.

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