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When Abby works virtually with a client one on one, that woman receives benefits such as:

  • formal education about how their body works during exercise

  • inspiration to give themselves grace during their journey to health

  • creates a challenging, supportive, and non-judgemental fitness environment that honors their personal journey

  • gentle accountability and assistance to create realistic goals

  • accurate and monthly assessments of weight, flexibility, and strength tests to measure progress

  • simple, challenging, yet achievable workouts, including a warm up and cool down stretch time


Why Online Personal Training?

Although online personal training lacks some of the benefits of in person training, it also has many perks:

  • flexible scheduling

  • cost effective         

  • convenient training locations- at home, gym, work, etc.

  • training can be done with or without equipment




Initial Consultation  { 60 mins. }


An initial consultation before training starts is vital to the training and lifestyle change process. Depending on whether you are wanting a prenatal, postnatal or general session, this consultation can include:

  • weigh ins

  • heart rate zone calculations

  • flexibility measurements

  • strength tests

  • in depth interview and evaluation of goals & lifestyle changes

  • personal training plan

***currently done online

***monthly reevaluations of client's progress also done online


Personal Training

General Personal Training  { 6o mins. ]


One-on-one private, personal training session with Abby includes a warm up, specific cardio and strength workout tailored to your needs, safe cool down with effective stretching at the end, and time for questions and conversation, including nutritional guidance, navigating your relationship with fitness and health, and educational tips.


Personal Training

"From the very start, [Abby] was so encouraging and supportive, making me perfectly comfortable. While she pushed me to give my very best during every workout, she encouraged me to listen to my body and talk about any frustrations or negative feelings I experienced. She never dismissed them and helped me work through them so that I could continue my workout successfully. I loved being able to change things up and that no work out was ever the same. I now ENJOY running, hiking, mountain biking, swimming and so many other activities! Not only did I lose inches, I also gained strength, courage and confidence!" - Jenny K.

Prenatal Personal Training  { 60 mins. }


Includes all the perks of a general session but with specific exercises and stretches to prepare you for labor and delivery, including:

  • contraction squats

  • core work to minimize Diastasis Recti separation (abdominal split)

  • exercises to help relieve common prenatal aches and pains (sciatica, round ligament pain, pelvic floor issues, etc.)



"I am thankful to have had Abby as my personal trainer during my pregnancy. She is very friendly, thorough, and willing to adapt to my needs. She is professional and well trained and the exercises gave me the strength I needed during labor. She is an excellent prenatal trainer and I loved working with her. I highly recommend her!" - Nikki C.

Postnatal Personal Training  { 60 mins. }


Includes everything mentioned in general training, in addition to:

  • abdominal, core, and pelvic floor work tailored to your natural, epidural, c-section birth

  • monitoring healing of Diastasis Recti split

  • upper body exercises and stretches to improve breast/bottle feeding

  • guidance and counsel on setting realistic, healthy, and achievable goals



"Abby is more than a fitness trainer. She really helped to restore not only my health and body, but also my heart and mind.  She created a program for me that incorporated my needs as a busy working mom and helped me ease back into a fitness routine that I could manage after having my son. She reminded me of the importance of treating myself with grace and carving out time to put myself first. She creates a challenging and supportive fitness environment that honors each person's personal journey...without judgement." -Tracee P.

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